Monday, 29 October 2012

Anatomy multiple choice questions 1

Q 1 Mesoderm gives rise to all of the following structures except :
a) Seminal vesicle
b) Trigone of urinary bladder
c) Upper vagina
d) Penile urethra

ans is D

Q 2 Lung surfactant is mainly secreted by :
a) Type I pneumocytes
b) Type II pneumocytes
c) Kulchitsky cells
d) Clara cells

ans is B

Q 3 Vaginal sphincter is formed by all, except :
A. External urethral sphincter
B. Internal urethral sphincter
C. Pubovaginalis
D. Bulbospongiosus

ans is B

Q 4 All the following maintain the stability of ankle joint, except :
A. Collateral ligament
B. Tendons of muscle cross the joint
C. Cruciate ligament
D. Shape of bones

ans is C

Q 5 The type of joint between the sacrum and the coccyx is :
A Symphysis
B Synostosis
C Synchondrosis
D Syndesmosis

Ans is A

Q 6 Which kidney epithelium has the most mitochondria per cell?
A. Collecting duct
B. Urothelium cap cell
C. Distal convoluted tubule
D. Proximal convoluted tubule

ans is D

Q 7 Optic radiation arises from :
A) Lateral geniculate body
B) Superior colliculus
C) Inferior colliculus
D) Medial geniculate body

ans is A

Q 8 Ulnar injury in the arm leads to all except:

a) Sensory loss of the medial 1/3rd of the hand
b) Weakness of the hypothenar muscles
c) Claw hand
d) Adducted thumb

ans is D

Q 9 Which of the following is not true about thymus :
1. Lies in the anterior and superior mediastinum
2. Has maximum size by 5 years of age and then it regresses
3. It is a primary lymphoid organ
4. It also produces hormones

ans is 2

Q 10 All of the following statements about the vagus nerve are true except that it ?
a. supplies heart and lung
b. carries postganglionic parasympathetic fibers
c. innervates right two third of transverse colon
d. stimulates peristalsis and relaxes sphincters

ans is B

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